Meet our line up of Professional Property Managers in British Columbia.

Our approach is simple. We provide professional, trustworthy property management services, from tenant screening to leasing to maintenance to evictions. Whether you are an investor with several rental homes or an unintentional landlord, we have your solution.

James Chung Servicing Surrey, Langley & Surrounding Areas

James Chung entered the commercial/ residential property management and maintenance services field in 2005.  He has helped homeowners protect their investments by dealing with issues such as code compliance, property maintenance and repair, and tenant disputes. Read More

Feras Ghesen Servicing New Westminster, South Burnaby, and surrounding areas

Feras is a Licensed Property Manager with over 15 years of experience in leadership, management, and operations. Feras holds a Master of Educational Leadership from Simon Fraser University (SFU), and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

He is a Read More